Real Estate Tip #12 – Home Inspections

This week’s #TipTuesday is all about Home Inspections. Before you are buying or selling a property it’s always a great idea to have one done. This short video will give some of the main things a home inspector will be looking for. If you are looking for more videos like this one follow me on Instagram @RossHughesOrangeville.

Real Estate Tip #10 – Real Estate Gambles

What’s a “gamble” in real estate? How about a home inspection? As a Buyer, do you add the condition of doing one in your offer, and perhaps not win the bidding war? Or do you simply not do one and “hope” the house is ok?
Lately, I’ve been encouraging my seller clients to do a “pre-listing home inspection”. That way the buyers can all share the same report and it takes the “gamble” out of the equation.

Real Estate Tip #3 – Defining Firm


Now this topic is one that is really exciting for real estate agents. Selling a property “firm” means we can go ahead and pop that SOLD sign at the end of the driveway, but there’s a little more to it. This video explains what “firm” means. Follow me on Instagram @RossHughesOrangeville for more helpful tips like this one.

If you have any questions about real estate please don’t hesitate to ask me.