October 2016



For the month of October I decided to do something a little different with my real estate signs. #FrankenRoss was something I really wanted to do this year. With the fun new signs around town I put on a contest. The rules to the contest were you had to take a ‘Selfie’ with one of

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Real Estate Tip #10 – Real Estate Gambles

What’s a “gamble” in real estate? How about a home inspection? As a Buyer, do you add the condition of doing one in your offer, and perhaps not win the bidding war? Or do you simply not do one and “hope” the house is ok?
Lately, I’ve been encouraging my seller clients to do a “pre-listing home inspection”. That way the buyers can all share the same report and it takes the “gamble” out of the equation.

Real Estate Tip #9 – Rental Properties

One of my favourite topics in real estate – Rental Properties! In this short video I’ll cover the 3 ways you can make money on a rental property. I don’t want you to think that owning rental properties is all about fixing toilets at midnight, because it’s not. I hope these tips will help you out if you’re thinking of buying a rental property.

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Real Estate Tip #8 – Victorian Basements

If you LOVE Victorian homes as much as I do, then there are few things you should know if you’re thinking about buying one. This Tip Tuesday is talking about the basements, and what you have to watch out for. Don’t let this scare you because these are the best houses out there! Follow me on Instagram @RossHughesOrangeville for more Real Estate tips like this one.